Coin-Operated Fortune Teller

Master Harry Chin has been locked in his fortune telling booth by his wife and children for many years.  Why would they do this?  To earn them money, of course!

Master Chin delivers 10 unique performances (and some suprise shows), but rarely takes his job seriously.  He features advanced body movement and a gong that he uses as a rimshot for his jokes.

This character was made for Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan. He can be customized for your home or retail location.


Videos - HD Videos Coming Soon
Sample Fortune - Still Need My Fan Fixed - 4.83MB MP4
Sample Fortune - Jedi Wisdom - 5.91MB MP4
Song Parody - Harry Chin Remix - 13.8MB MP4

*Videos require QuickTime which can be download  here for free.

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