Coin-Operated Ghost Comedian

See the dearly departed ghost of Uncle Oscar as he performs his own brand of comedy about marriage from inside his coffin. You can also watch a humorously tragic story about his marriage to Aunt Martha. Martha makes occasional off stage appearances as she continues her marriage to Oscar in the afterlife.

Uncle Oscar's ghost appears out of thin air and moves through solid objects and disappear right in front of your eyes.  Most viewers speculate that Uncle Oscar's ghost is actually a hologram.

There are 6 different 1 minute comedy routines and an 2.5 minute back story.  You can see this character at Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


Losing a Wife - 12.7MB MP4
Coming Home - 10.3 MB MP4
Seems Longer - 9.2 MB MP4

*Videos require QuickTime which can be download  here for free.

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