Halloween Entertainment Characters

ROTBOTS are a series of custom animatronic Halloween characters designed to entertain guests in queue lines at theme parks and haunted attractions. They feature smooth, lifelike movements, tailored costuming and custom performances. There are no servos to wear out and they are designed for year-round use.

The design and performance of each ROTBOT is unlimited. The look, body type, costuming, props and moves of each character are designed to match it's role in the show. The shows are written to spec and can include storytelling, jokes, original songs, house rules, lighting effects and video integration. Performances are limited only by imagination.

More Videos and more pics are on the way. In the meantime, check out...


ROTBOTS - My Humps Karaoke - 5.24MB MP4
Crustine - Momma's Got the Moves - 1.26MB MP4
Crustine - Pardon My Dust - 975KB MP4
Crustine - Give Grandma Some Sugar - 975KB MP4
Crustine - BenGay - 1.32MB MP4
Crustine - Gimme a Kiss - 764KB MP4
Butler - Right this Way - 913KB MP4
Butler - Voices Whisper - 1.7MB MP4

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