Marvin's Money Shredder
Coin-Operated Souvenir Dispensing Illusion

This coin operated machine was made for Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  Marvin wanted a machine that would dispense souvenir capsules of shredded money.  The concept, "Turn 50 cents into $20 Guaranteed."  The result was this wacky machine that features a one-way glass window, an animatronic hand, and a blender.

When 50 cents is inserted, interior lights reveal a seemingly standard kitchen blender behind the one-way glass.  A hand then lowers a $20 bill into a blender.  Just then, the blender starts up and a circle of shredded money forms around the bottom of the bill.  The light goes out and comical machine sounds continue until a capsule of shredded money is dispensed at the bottom of the machine.  The show finishes with a large orchestral "Tada" followed by a rim shot.

The cabinet is made of Aspen and Birch.  It features authentic gold leaf lettering and details.  The sign is sandblasted Redwood.

If you have never been to Marvin's place, it's well worth a visit no matter how far you have to travel.


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